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Paul Fraccaro.

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David R. FeinbergAssistant Professor in the Department of Psychology, Neuroscience, & Behaviour.


Current Graduate Students:



Former graduate students:

Daniel E. Re – Psychophysics and voice perception

Jillian J. M. O’Connor – Socioeconomics, jealousy, and voice perception

Diana Borak – Lateralization of processing of voice preference

Cara Tigue – Self perceptions and voice preferences

Paul Fraccaro – Vocal behaviour and preferences

Kasia Pisanski – Voice acoustics and preference



Former thesis students:

Preveena Dharmaraj – Facial expression and perceived dominance

Paul Fraccaro – Preferences for naturally altered voice pitch

Katherine Holshausen – Facial masculinity, empathy, and medical bias

Malvina Skorska – Perceived mate availability and face preferences

Steph Mitges – Socioeconomic status and voice pitch

Charles Schandl – Voice pitch and voting behaviour


Former Independent Study Students

Ringo Chu

Sarah Haller

Sarit Pandaya

Nicole Richard

Atayah Hamedani