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David R. Feinberg, PhDAssociate Professor in the Department of Psychology, Neuroscience, & Behaviour; Associate Member of the Department of Linguistics & Languages


Current Graduate Students:

Marie M Armstrong – Voice, dominance, and perceived size

Tina Kocic – The role of voice in female competition

Paul Fraccaro – Vocal behaviour and preferences


Former graduate students:

Former PhD Students

Jillian J. M. O’Connor, PhD – Socioeconomics, jealousy, and voice perception

Cara Tigue, PhDSelf perceptions and voice preferences

Kasia Pisanski, PhD – Voice as an indicator of body size


Former Masters Students

Daniel E. Re, PhD – Psychophysics and voice perception

Kelyn Montano – Voice pitch and Trust

Sari Isenstein – Singing and Voice Attractiveness


Former Postdoctoral Researchers

Jillian J. M. O’Connor, PhD – Voice, memory, & politics